« I aspire to create pieces that go beyond their functions and create emotions. I only use material where necessary to obtain a design as uncluttered and refined as possible. Through this, my creation tells its own story, inspired by natural elements »

Jean Damien Badoux is a self taught designer born in 1984 in Lyon. His 10 years of experience in highperforming composites material in aeronautics and his knowledge of specific building processes
allow him to work raw material in the finest way.

He created his first book shelve in his living room in 2009, and opened his workshop in the North of Lyon in 2013.

His creations, full of poetry, are all handmade. realising unique or limited edition pieces. His main inspiration sources are nature and movement. For this, the artisan mixes cabinet making tradition and innovation inherited from aeronautics.

The creator makes of each piece a new technical and aesthetic challenge, pushing the limits of design back to keep the original idea intact.