After the idea stage and the first drawings, comes paper drawings and model making, the latter
helping to get a better grasp of volumes and materials.atelier 2
atelier 7-8
All the creations are handmade by Jean Damien Badoux. His ideas express themselves in a drawing before coming alive through a model. Once the model is created and validated, the creation of the
piece can start.

In order for his creations to bring together aesthetics and durability, Jean Damien Badoux carefully selects the timber he uses, especially birch saplings, which come straight from sustainably managed forests in Jura. Each trunk is then dried for 9 to 12 months before being transformed by his hands.atelier 4

Atelier d'artisanatwith exceptional know-how the workshop is member of prestigious Ateliers d’art de France since 2016